DroneTalks | Jackie Dujmovic | Founder and CEO at Hover UAV

March 2, 2021
Tune in now to hear how Jackie went from being a new industry player to owning her own business and becoming an expert in the field, where she now supports inventors, entrepreneurs and manufacturers getting started in the industry or looking to grow their business.

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DroneTalks | Mats Sällström | CEO at Everdrone AB

February 9, 2021
DroneTalks exclusive interview with Mats Sällström, CEO at Everdrone AB. Mats shares details of their BVLOS flights, in operation across Sweden and Denmark today, delivery

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FREE WEBINAR - Executive 360 Briefing in Drones: The Greatest and the Latest

In this DroneTalks webinar, industry experts Lorenzo Murzilli and Eszter Kovacs will provide a high-level review of the latest industry news, such as the new EU U-space regulation, and updates, including how businesses in the ecosystem will need to change or adapt to stay compliant, after the regulation comes into effect on January 2023.

  • The latest industry changes and updates
  • Key Implications in the Drone Ecosystem of the New EU U-Space Regulation, including how it will influence businesses and investments
  • New key stakeholders
  • What’s next

When: 25th March 2021

FREE WEBINAR - The Women Behind the Drone Revolution

Join industry leaders from the drone field on 8th March for an inspiring chat celebrating international women's day!

What to expect?
30 minutes discussion - Be Inspired!
Hear from inspirational women in the drone industry, as they share their career path and deliver actionable insight based on their successes, failures and their current activities in the drone field.

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Get direct advice from industry leaders. They'll be answering all questions during a 30 minute no-holds-barred Q&A session.

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You will rapidly build your understanding of the latest drone regulations and the essential stakeholders, as well as discovering the best framework for operating with clarity.

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The first of its kind, this course is designed to give you a 360 overview of the drone ecosystem in just 6 weeks.

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The course provides you with a full understanding of drone services technology and the associated regulatory implications. It will also delve into the business strategies and operational requirements that you need to successfully participate in the drone ecosystem.

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DroneTalks is a global community focusing on drones, welcoming people from every discipline and culture who seek a deeper understanding of the drone ecosystem.

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