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About DroneTalks

DroneTalks is an online platform created to spread ideas and educate professionals in the drone industry ecosystem. 

Our educational content empowers people of every discipline and culture who seek a deeper understanding of the drone industry and the innovative ideas within it. It’s on this platform that we also have the opportunity to host experienced professionals in our interview series who take this chance to share their knowledge on emerging technologies, regulatory changes and insider updates, among other topics. 

We also provide growing organisations with a number of different products and services, which range from in-person and online trainings for industry professionals to marketing and PR services for growing organisations. The most popular courses from our academy are the regulatory and SORA trainings, where we have supported various Civil Aviation Authorities and prominent commercial drone organisations to understand and utilise various regulatory frameworks on a global scale.

In addition to this, we host an invite-only event for drone industry professionals called Aerial Cities, where we bring together the most influential regulators for urban environments along with C-level executives of drone organisations. Our goal is to bridge the entire gap that exists between urban environments and the implementation of drone operations. 

Finally, our DroneTalks Jobs platform connects experienced professionals with growing organisations in the first drone industry job platform. Organisations are able to search for world-class professionals, while job seekers can see industry-relevant jobs to take the next step in their career paths.

Join us as we foster and develop a community for the drone industry.

DroneTalks in the News!

Drone Event in Odense: What’s going on in the Nordics?

We had the privilege of engaging in an insightful conversation with Lisa Rosenlyst Hansen from Odense Robotics, where we went into the details of their event International Drone Show 2023 in August in Denmark.
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Catching up with DroneTalks at ADW23

ATM Magazine and DroneTalks caught up during Amsterdam Drone Week 2023, to discuss the latest developments in the UTM/ATM, AAM and telecommunications sectors. These topics have gained momentum in the aviation industry due to the implementation of new U-space regulations in January 2023. We spoke with Eszter Kovacs, CEO and Founder of DroneTalks
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DRONELIFE and DroneTalks Recap: UAM, U-Space, and Getting to Scale with Commercial Drone Ops

DRONELIFE met up with Eszter Kovács, the CEO & co-founder of DroneTalks Group and Aerial Cities at Amsterdam Drone Week! DRONELIFE Editor Miriam McNabb speaks with host Eszter Kovács about the themes and topics they saw covered: urban air mobility, U-Space, and the path to commercial drone operations at scale.
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ANRA Technologies and Drone Talks U-Space Fundamentals Training Course

The much anticipated European U-space framework went into force in January 2023 to enable safe and compliant UAV operations at scale within the current Air Traffic Management (ATM) system. But what are the guidelines and fundamentals to U-space and how can organizations gain compliance with the new regulations? To answer these questions and provide a comprehensive guide, ANRA’s CEO Amit Ganjoo teamed up with DroneTalks to develop a U-space Fundamentals training program.
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Drones at Dawn Podcast

In this Drones at Dawn Podcast, DroneTalks CEO & Founder, Eszter Kovacs, discusses global inclusivity, the importance of moving the industry forward together, and how DroneTalks is helping to achieve these important goals.
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Inside DroneTalks Academy, and the state of Drone Industry Education (Podcast)

InterDrone sits down with Eszter Kovacs and Lorenzo Murzilli to talk about their latest educational initiative, DroneTalks Academy!
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DroneTalks Academy: a Virtual Interactive Learning Platform

The drone industry is new, growing, and confusing to new comers. DroneTalks Academy organizers Eszter Kovacs and Lorenzo Murzilli are addressing the need
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DroneTalks Academy To Educate In The Drone Ecosystem

DroneTalks is pleased to announce the launch of its latest initiative, DroneTalks Academy. We have gathered some of the top drone industry experts to bring you two digestible courses delivered live, via our virtual interactive platform.
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DroneTalks launches virtual interactive learning platform

Eszter Kovacs, formerly acting Secretary General of the Global UTM Association (GUTMA) and Lorenzo Murzilli, Founder and CEO of Murzilli Consulting and former Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA
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“DroneTalks: educating and informing drone industry experts and the wider ecosystem”

We set up https://dronetalks.online/ to educate and inform the entire drone ecosystem about the latest news, regulatory issues, technical achievements and trends, and to help stakeholders understand what different organisations and companies throughout the industry are doing.
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Online video platform dronetalks.online provides new insights into drone eco-systems

Manageld has launched DroneTalks.online, a new on-line video platform to spread ideas and to educate in the drone ecosystem.
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A New Online Video Platform, DroneTalks.online Launches

Manageld launched today DroneTalks.online, a new on-line video platform to spread ideas and to educate in the drone ecosystem.
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