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The recent, unexpected and fast approval of the EU U-space regulation by a large majority of EU member states is a fundamental building block towards the creation of a widespread BVLOS operation in Europe.

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It is clear now that U-space in Europe is an airspace and, as such, it is going to be the responsibility of the member states to establish these air spaces (over their sovereign national boundaries) and create the requirements around it. But, how will this affect businesses and operators, what are the key considerations and when can we expect these changes to come into effect.

In this DroneTalks webinar, industry experts Lorenzo Murzilli and Eszter Kovacs provide a high-level review of the latest industry news, such as the new EU U-space regulation, and updates, including how businesses in the ecosystem will need to change or adapt to stay compliant, after the regulation comes into effect on January 2023.

✔️The latest industry changes and updates
✔️Key Implications in the Drone Ecosystem of the New EU U-Space Regulation, including how it will influence businesses and investments
✔️New key stakeholders
✔️What’s next


Lorenzo Murzilli, aerospace engineer, innovation manager, Founder of Murzilli Consulting and DroneTalks Academy Headteacher, where he runs a series of tailored Executive Briefings informing senior decision makers on topics such as the addressed in this session

Eszter Kovacs, Founder and CEO, DroneTalks, is a key industry expert and influencer dedicated to increasing public awareness about the positive commercial implications of drone operation.

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"Could not be better from a beginner's perspective!"
Elaine Lu
Director of Business Development 
"It is obvious from the beginning that Lorenzo has a vast knowledge about what he is teaching, and he has a good way of passing this knowledge to others in a very clear way."
Daniel Robaina Rapisarda
Flight Supervisor, Air Traffic Laboratory for Advanced Systems (ATLAS)