London, 13-14 November – This November, London will host the pivotal Aerial Cities 2024 conference, spotlighting the integration of Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) and drone technologies into our city landscapes. Set to catalyze collaboration and innovation, this exclusive, invitation-only event will bring together the foremost leaders from the AAM and drone sectors, regulatory bodies, users of the services and urban planning communities to forge the path for drones in urban environments.

Last year's milestones

Aerial Cities conference marked a key moment in the journey toward integrating AAM into our urban landscapes. With over 130 executives, 5+ investors, more than 30 AAM and drone companies, 8 CAAs, 20+ cities and governments, and over 20 first responders, telecom, and mobility firms in attendance from the executive level, it fostered unparalleled synergy and shared visions for the future. 

Aerial Cities 2024: What lies ahead

This year, Aerial Cities aims to amplify these conversations and collaborations, with a keen focus on actionable outcomes and strategic partnerships. The conference is designed to facilitate:

  • Elite networking: Our invite-only, VIP event ensures meaningful interactions with peers and potential collaborators at the highest level.
  • Revenue Generation: Understand how what are the next steps to greate revenue for your operations in cities, and how can you make sure that AAM and Drone operations are financially sustainable 
  • Leadership: Dive deep into discussions on the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in AAM from different perspectivies (regulator, user and service provider), with an emphasis on practical solutions for tomorrow’s urban skies.
  • Curated business engagement: Tailor-made sessions, dinner and networking opportunities are designed to foster business development, strategic partnerships, and collaborative innovation.
  • Direct user insights: Gain a firsthand understanding of the needs driving AAM innovation from the perspective of end-users such as hospitals or police, laying the groundwork for user-centric development.
  • Futuristic visioning: Participate in shaping the discourse on urban air mobility, focusing on sustainable, efficient, and scalable integration into urban environments.

The role of cities and governments in Urban Air Mobility

In the context of the Aerial Cities 2024 event, the focus on cities and governments is pivotal for several reasons, reflecting their central role in shaping the future of Urban Air Mobility (UAM) and drone operations within urban landscapes.

Cities and governments are at the forefront of developing the necessary infrastructure to support UAM and drone operations. This includes everything from vertiports and drone docking stations to the integration of air mobility solutions into existing transportation networks. Their involvement ensures that infrastructure development aligns with urban planning and public safety standards, making the vision of UAM a practical reality.

The successful integration of UAM and drone technologies into urban spaces requires clear, supportive regulatory frameworks. Cities and governments are essential in crafting these policies, balancing innovation with safety, privacy, and environmental considerations. By setting standards and guidelines, they pave the way for sustainable growth and the operational efficiency of UAM services, ensuring that these new modes of transportation are safe, reliable, and beneficial for all.

A core focus of cities and governments in the context of UAM is to ensure that the benefits of air mobility are accessible to all segments of the population. This involves addressing potential disparities in access to these new modes of transportation and ensuring that UAM services contribute to rather than exacerbate urban inequalities. Governments play a key role in developing policies that prioritize equitable access and integrate UAM solutions into broader public transportation strategies.

Urban air mobility presents a unique opportunity to advance cities' sustainability goals, offering cleaner, more efficient modes of transportation. Governments and city authorities are instrumental in aligning UAM initiatives with environmental objectives, from reducing urban congestion and lowering emissions to promoting the use of green technologies. Their commitment to sustainability is crucial for securing the social license to operate and ensuring that UAM contributes positively to urban ecosystems.

Aerial Cities 2024 serves as a unique platform for these stakeholders to collaborate, share insights, and shape the future of urban air mobility, setting a course for a more connected, sustainable, and innovative urban future.

Spotlight on our esteemed event partners: GSMA and Ondas

As we gear up for Aerial Cities 2024, a cornerstone of our event's success and innovation lies in the generous support and partnership with our distinguished event partners, GSMA and Ondas. Their collaboration underscores the significance of cross-industry alliances in shaping the future of Urban Air Mobility (UAM) and highlights the key role smart cities and investment firms play within our industries. 

GSMA: Connecting the world

GSMA stands at the forefront of mobile innovation, representing the interests of mobile operators worldwide and uniting over 750 operators with almost 400 companies in the broader mobile ecosystem. Their support for Aerial Cities 2024 signals the critical intersection between mobile technology and AAM, emphasizing the importance of connectivity and communication technology in the seamless operation of drones and AAM within urban environments. 

GSMA's involvement brings to the forefront the potential for 5G and future telecommunications technologies to enable more efficient, safe, and integrated AAM operations, propelling the industry into new heights of possibility and performance.GSMA also brings vast knowledge regarding smart cities and connected devices to the program. 

Ondas Holdings: Investing in the future

Ondas Holdings Inc. is a key force in the technological advancement and digital transformation of industrial and government operations. Ondas operates at the nexus of innovation and capital growth, focusing on acquiring and scaling high-potential technology companies within the private wireless data and drone solution sectors. Through strategic investments in its wholly owned subsidiaries—Ondas Networks, American Robotics, Airobotics, Iron Drone, and Ardenna—Ondas Holdings leverages its technological expertise and market position to drive revenue growth and set new standards in secure, efficient, and sustainable operations. With a presence in key global innovation hubs in Massachusetts, California, and Israel, Ondas Holdings embodies the essence of a forward-thinking entity, propelling the future of connectivity and automation in critical infrastructure and services.

Introducing the Aerial Cities 2024 Advisory Board

Aerial Cities 2024 is proud to introduce its esteemed advisory board, an assembly of distinguished leaders and visionaries from across the Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) and drone industry, regulatory bodies, cities, users and investment firms. Each member brings a wealth of experience, expertise, and a unique perspective to the table, ensuring that the conference addresses the most pertinent issues facing urban air mobility today. Their collective wisdom and insight will guide the conference’s direction, content, and discussions, aiming to foster innovation, collaboration, and progress in integrating AAM and drone technologies into urban environments.

  • Astrid Szogs, Nordhessen: With a focus on regional development and innovation, Astrid brings critical insights into how AAM can be integrated into regional planning and infrastructure.
  • Lorenzo Murzilli, Murzilli Consulting: A recognized expert in AAM and drone regulation, Lorenzo’s input is invaluable in navigating the complex regulatory landscapes and fostering dialogue between the industry and regulatory bodies.
  • Eszter Kovacs, DroneTalks: As the CEO and Co-founder of DroneTalks, Eszter’s expertise lies in connecting industry stakeholders and promoting knowledge exchange within the drone ecosystem.
  • Enda Walsh, Irish CAA: Representing the regulatory perspective, Enda’s participation ensures that regulatory considerations are front and center in discussions about the future of urban air mobility.
  • Christoph Selig, Unisphere: Christoph’s background in sustainable and automated flight solutions brings an essential focus on environmental and technological advancements in AAM.
  • Eric Brock, Ondas Holdings: Offering a deep understanding of the importance of data connectivity and network solutions, Eric’s expertise supports the development of robust AAM communication infrastructures.
  • Susan Roberts, Ondas Holdings: Susan is an aviation executive, who specializes in disruption and innovation to pursue new business strategies and models.
  • James McClearen, blueflite: With a focus on innovative delivery solutions, James contributes valuable insights into the operational potential of drones in urban and commercial contexts.
  • Juliana Kiraly, Eve Air Mobility: Juliana’s experience with electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft brings a futuristic vision of urban transport to the advisory board.
  • Barbara Pareglio, GSMA: Barbara’s expertise in mobile technology and connectivity underlines the critical role of telecommunications in the AAM ecosystem.
  • Graham Brown, ARPAS UK: Representing the UK's drone association, Graham’s perspective ensures the interests and innovations of drone professionals are well represented.
  • Ewa Gowers, UK CAA: Ewa’s role emphasizes the importance of regulatory frameworks and safety standards in the evolution of urban air mobility.
  • Ronald Liebsch, Amazon: With Amazon's pioneering work in drone delivery, Ronald provides a unique view on the commercial and operational possibilities within the AAM sector.

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