2021's Key Changes in Drone Regulation Impacting International Organisations: June Update

June 28, 2021 by Yves Morier

What are some of the key regulatory changes that have taken place in the drone ecosystem in the past 6 months, specifically impacting the work of our industry's international organisations?

In this drone regulations update industry expert Yves Morier provides a short summary of significant developments in rulemaking or related to rulemaking affecting drone international organisations in 2021, so you can take away the key highlights without having to go through hundreds of pages of regulations.

Yves Morier has 40+ years of experience working in the aviation industry and is a well-renowned expert in safety, airworthiness, UAS, and regulations.

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Key Drone Regulations Updates for International Organisations in 2021

1. ICAO has adopted amendments relative to drones to its Standards and Recommended Practises.


The amendments are Amendment 177 to Annex 1, Amendment 47 to Annex 2, Amendment 108 to Annex 8, Amendment 90 to Annex 10 and of the new volume VI to Annex 10 the Convention on International Civil Aviation.

The amendments include:

  • Proposals in Part II of Annex 8 provide an overview of the general airworthiness procedures for certification and continuing airworthiness applicable to remotely piloted aeroplanes (RPA).
  • introduction of a new Part VIII to Annex 8 of the Chicago Convention related to RPA.
  • introduction of a new part IX to Annex 8 of the Chicago Convention related to remotely piloted helicopters.
  • introduction of a new part X to the Annex 8 of the Chicago Convention related to the Remote Pilot Station (RPS); and
  • further amendments relating to RPAS command and control link systems and procedures.

2. JARUS has been consulting on new documents including two Pre-Defined Risk Assessments


4 consultations are on-going:

  • WG-SRM "Pre-Defined Risk Assessments (PDRA) 05" - 04 June 2021 
  • WG-SRM "Pre-Defined Risk Assessments (PDRA) 04" - 04 June 2021 
  • WG-SRM "Annex E of SORA" - 04 June 2021 
  • WG-7 "Boundaries between CAT-B and CAT-C" - 04 June 2021 

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About the author


Yves Morier

Yves Morier graduated from the French Civil Aviation Academy (ENAC) as an Air Transport Engineer in 1978.
After Military Service, Yves joined in 1979 a DGAC (French CAA) local office in Normandy and in 1986 a Central Office in Paris where he worked on airworthiness codes and implemented the safety research program.
In 1991, Yves joined the Joint Aviation Authorities as Regulation Director.
In 2004, he joined EASA where he occupied various posts as head of the department and in the last three years as Principal Advisor for new technologies.
He retired in 2019.
Areas of expertise: Safety, Airworthiness, UAS, and Regulations.
Yves is currently married, and has 3 daughters, and a grandson.

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