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Featured experts

Eszter Kovacs, a female leader in the AAM ecosystem

Areas of Expertise:

  • Operations management
  • Program management
  • PR
  • Marketing & communications
  • Agile leadership coaching

Social media profiles

Eszter Kovacs, a female leader in the AAM ecosystem

Eszter Kovács is a female leader, and the co-founder of M&K Global AG which consist of two business units: Murzilli Consulting and DroneTalks Group. Eszter is the CEO of the DroneTalks Group, which is a collection of services and platforms advancing the entirety of the drone industry ecosystem. Currently, members of the DroneTalks Group include DroneTalks, DroneTalks Jobs and Aerial Cities.

DroneTalks is an online platform created to spread ideas and educate professionals in the drone industry ecosystem. Our educational content empowers people of every discipline and culture who seek a deeper understanding of the industry and the innovative ideas within it.

DroneTalks Jobs is the first job portal tailored for the drone industry. The platform connects emerging organisations with skilled professionals seeking new opportunities in this rapidly evolving field.

Aerial Cities is an exclusive, invite-only event for decision-makers in the drone and advanced air mobility (AAM) industries. The event enables governments, cities, CAAs, private drone organisations and users to collaborate and strategise the future of urban drone operations.

Eszter Kovács is also a drone industry expert and regularly contributes to major magazines about the latest trends; these include publications such as Commercial UAV News and Commercial Drone Professional. In addition to this, she is an advisor for several start-ups, such as Globhe. Her role as an advisor extends as well to her role on the advisory board of drone-related initiatives like AUVSI Xponential and Commercial UAV while also fulfilling her commitment as a Swiss Drone Industry Association board member.

These roles are backed by her extensive experience as a technical innovation expert where she contributed to the growth of several companies after leading and mentoring the implementation of complex projects in the drone industry. Eszter still continues to advise leaders on strategic planning and operational transformation initiatives. In 2020, she was also approached by the Global UTM Association to become the director of more than 40 UTM leaders through a 6-month restructuring initiative.

Eszter Kovács is also head of one of the largest diversity initiatives in the drone industry called Women behind the Drone Revolution, which was launched in 2020. Learn more about Eszter Kovács at DroneTalks.online.

Learn more about Eszter Kovács at DroneTalks.online and follow her on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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Lorenzo Murzilli

Areas of Expertise:

  • Strategic consultancy 
  • Regulatory consultancy 
  • Type certification in EASA and FAA 
  • SORA consultancy 
  • Executive coaching

Social media profiles

Lorenzo Murzilli

Lorenzo Murzilli is a highly accomplished aerospace engineer and aviation executive with extensive experience in both traditional and emerging aviation. He is the founder and CEO of Murzilli Consulting, a digital consulting agency specialising in aviation, where he collaborates with aviation companies worldwide to turn disruptive changes into profitable opportunities.

Lorenzo's contribution to the development of the EU drone regulation through his participation in the rulemaking task RMT.0230, the task force established by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) to create the EU drone regulation, is considered crucial by many. He is also known as the "father" of SORA, having played a significant role in its development as the leader of the Joint Authorities for Rulemaking on Unmanned Systems (JARUS) Working Group on Safety and Risk Management for over seven years.

In addition, Lorenzo has been actively involved in the development of U-space in Europe, where he was a member of the European Commission's U-space program team, providing technical and regulatory guidance on implementing U-space in Europe. He contributed to developing several U- space documents, including the U-space Blueprint, U-space Regulation, and U-space Demonstrator projects, leveraging his role as Swiss U-Space (SUSI) Program Manager. Furthermore, Lorenzo was a founding member of the Global UTM Association (GUTMA) and served on its executive board for several years as its Treasurer, working on the development of UTM on an international level.

Lorenzo shares his vast knowledge as a guest lecturer at the Zürich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) and mentors students at Xihua University in Chengdu (China). He has previously worked at Swiss FOCA, Leonardo, and Pilatus Aircraft, where he honed his ability to innovate in safety-critical environments.

Through his impressive achievements and deep expertise in aviation, Lorenzo has developed an extensive network of decision-makers across the industry. He is widely trusted by regulators worldwide for his thought leadership, strategic insights, and ability to navigate complex safety and regulatory issues. His ability to connect with and influence key players has been crucial to his success in driving innovation and transforming disruptive changes into profitable opportunities.

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