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Eszter Kovács

Areas of Expertise:

  • Operations management
  • Program management
  • PR
  • Marketing & communications
  • Agile leadership coaching

Social media profiles

Eszter Kovács

Eszter is the CEO and founder of Manageld and and is a well-known drone influencer.

An expert in technical innovation in the drone sector, Eszter has contributed to the growth of several companies, leading complex implementations and mentoring and advising leaders on strategic planning and operational transformation. In 2020 Eszter successfully lead the Global UTM association with 40 + UTM ecosystem leaders through its restructuring for 6 months.

Eszter spent the first decade of her career at multinational companies focusing on digitalization and telecommunications, working primarily on technical innovation in the drone sector. As a program and project manager, she contributed to the growth of several companies, leading complex implementations and mentoring and advising their leaders on their strategic planning, operational improvement and coaching best practices.

Having developed an extensive professional network throughout her time working in the corporate sector, complemented by qualifications in Agile coaching and Prince2, launching her own business seemed inevitable. Eszter now runs a successful drones and telecoms specialised management service agency and launched the rapidly expanding DroneTalks platform in 2020.

With her naturally entrepreneurial spirit, Eszter can help you to grow your industry presence and boost your revenues by advising you how to create a professional operation, tailored to the needs of this fast moving, digital, innovative industry.

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Lorenzo Murzilli

Areas of Expertise:

  • Strategic consultancy 
  • Regulatory consultancy 
  • Type certification in EASA and FAA 
  • SORA consultancy 
  • Executive coaching

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Lorenzo Murzilli

Lorenzo Murzilli is a graduated aerospace engineer, innovation manager and aviation executive with an impressive range of expertise in emerging as well as traditional aviation. Founder and CEO of Murzilli Consulting, a digital consulting agency focused on aviation, Lorenzo works with aviation companies worldwide to turn disruption into profit, now.

Lorenzo has been appointed as Special Advisor to the Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation where he leads the Joint Authorities for Rulemaking on Unmanned Systems (JARUS) Working Group on Safety and Risk Management (WG-6).  Lorenzo was also one of the founding fathers of the Global UTM Association (GUTMA) where he is entrusted with the role of Treasurer for the Board.

Guest lecturer at the Zürich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW), Mentor of Students at the Xihua University in Chengdu (China) and previously having held positions with Swiss FOCA, Leonardo and Pilatus Aircraft Lorenzo has developed a striking ability to boost innovation in safety critical environments and enjoys exploring how the intersection of safety and disruptive technologies can advance the human race forward.

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