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The future of UAV Operations: insights from ResilienX’s CTO, Andrew Carter

In the rapidly evolving world of drone technology, innovation and safety are at the forefront of industry growth. Eszter Kovács, CEO and co-founder of DroneTalks sat down with Andrew Carter, CTO of ResilienX, at the Commercial UAV Show to discuss the latter's journey in the drone industry and how ResilienX is pioneering solutions for safer, more reliable unmanned aircraft system (UAS) operations.

From military roots to commercial innovation

Andrew Carter’s journey into the UAV sector began with his role as the system architect for the US Army's ground-based Sense and Avoid program, a project that laid the groundwork for BVLOS operations. This experience, combined with the commercial industry's burgeoning interest in similar capabilities, led Andrew to the realization that the technology developed for military purposes held vast potential for civilian applications. However, transitioning this technology to the commercial sector presented unique challenges, notably the prohibition against using military-developed software for commercial purposes. This led to the founding of ResilienX, born out of a desire to fill a critical gap in the UAV ecosystem: ensuring the safety and integrity of complex UAV operations.

The core of ResilienX: UAV Safety and system integrity

ResilienX stands as a guardian of UAV operational integrity, offering an in-time aviation safety management solution that oversees the health, performance, and reliability of UAV systems and their components. Andrew emphasizes the importance of a robust digital infrastructure capable of supporting BVLOS operations, highlighting ResilienX’s role in monitoring and mitigating potential system failures. This proactive approach to safety management is not just about preventing incidents but ensuring the continuous, reliable operation of UAVs within national airspace.

The maturation of the UAV industry

Andrew reflects on the dynamic growth of the UAV industry, pointing to the increasing recognition of the need for sophisticated digital infrastructure to support advanced UAV operations. He notes the industry's maturation, moving beyond the initial phase of overpromised capabilities to a stage where UAV technology delivers on its potential for safety and efficiency. This evolution has been accompanied by a shift in perception among governments and regulatory bodies, now more open to investing in and adopting UAV technology due to its proven reliability and the tangible benefits it offers.

A call to action for industry and government

Looking ahead, Andrew wishes the UAV industry and governments worldwide to acknowledge and invest in the digital infrastructure essential for the safe, efficient, and scalable deployment of UAVs. He urges a reconsideration of past hesitations, encouraging stakeholders to engage with the advancements made in UAV technology and operational safety. By fostering a collaborative environment, he believes the industry can overcome existing challenges, paving the way for a future where UAVs play a central role in our daily lives and economies.

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