Watch On-Demand: Women Behind the Drone Revolution III

Watch the third episode of the DroneTalks' Women Behind the Drone Revolution Series, where we talk innovation, leadership, technology, regulation, and operations.

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Women Behind the Drone Revolution III

Watch the third episode of the DroneTalks' Women Behind the Drone Revolution Series, where we interview influential drone field female leaders, to talk about innovation, leadership, technology, regulation, and operations, highlighting important contributions to the industry, to inspire a new generation of drone industry professionals.

Hosted by Lorenzo Murzilli, Co-founder of Dronetalks and founder & CEO of Murzilli Consulting, a digital consulting agency focused on aviation.

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Barbara Pareglio

Executive Director Connectivity for Aviation & IoT Technical Director at GSMA

Barbara Pareglio

Barbara has been leading the GSMA Drone Interest Group for the last few years, to investigate and help the mobile industry to create a trusted solution for commercial unmanned aircraft. Exploring features and capabilities of 4G and 5G needed for the aviation. Since 2014, she has been the technical lead for the GSMA Internet of Things. She is one of the founders of “Aerial Connectivity Joint Activity”, a joint initiative between GSMA and GUTMA, the Programme Manager for ACJA and Chair of ACJA’s Decision Board.

Bronwyn Morgan

Chief Executive Officer at Xeo Air and Airversity

Bronwyn Morgan

Morgan is a sUAS (drone) Part 107 certified pilot, FAA Safety Representative and FAA Drone Pro, and is the Founder of Xeo Air. In addition, she is Founder of Airversity Drone Academy + Consulting. She is also leading MOUV UAM, a platform for AAM pilot training and AI based autonomous smart cockpits for AAM aircraft.

Paola Santana

Co-founder of Matternet

Paola Santana

Paola Santana is a lawyer, public policy expert and tech entrepreneur, creating the world's next political system after democracy. She's the founder and CEO of Social Glass, and co-founder of Matternet. Her work includes engaging with The White House, the US Congress, FAA and NASA. She’s been featured as LinkedIn’s Top Professionals under 35, CNET Top 20 Latin in Tech, Forbes Top 50 Women of Power in the Dominican Republic, and served as a member of the first US Federal Drone Advisory Committee.


Lorenzo Murzilli

Lorenzo is a graduated aerospace engineer, innovation manager and specialist in aviation, system safety and drones. Lorenzo is the Founder & CEO of Murzilli Consulting, a digital consulting agency focused on aviation. Leader of the Joint Authorities for Rulemaking on Unmanned Systems WG-6, he oversees the work of more than 100 professionals in several task forces developing recommendations for safety and risk management of drones operations worldwide. Guest lecturer at the Zürich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) and the Xihua University, previously with Leonardo, Pilatus Aircraft and the Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation, Lorenzo has developed a striking ability to boost innovation in safety-critical environments and enjoys exploring the intersection of safety and disruptive technologies that can advance the human race forward.


"Could not be better from a beginner's perspective!"
Elaine Lu
Director of Business Development 
"It is obvious from the beginning that Lorenzo has a vast knowledge about what he is teaching, and he has a good way of passing this knowledge to others in a very clear way."
Daniel Robaina Rapisarda
Flight Supervisor, Air Traffic Laboratory for Advanced Systems (ATLAS)