During the past couple of years, I have contributed to several companies' growth, leading complex implementations and mentoring and advising leaders on strategic planning and operational transformation in the drone field.

From 2016 to 2019, I led the GSMA Drone Interest Group, which is dedicated to finding solutions to leverage cellular connectivity in the aviation environment, and helped it grow from 10 mobile operator members to nearly 40.

In 2020, I successfully led the Global Unmanned Traffic Management Association (GUTMA), with 40+ UTM ecosystem leaders, through its restructuring for several months. During this time, it became clear to me that the industry was still very immature, lacking proper regulation and with a young ecosystem, which was still forming.

Therefore we decide to launch Manageld as a full-service management agency, to support start-ups with program management and enable them to move from an idea phase to implementation and growth. As we had more and more clients, we developed relevant connections with event and media companies, so our PR leg naturally grew. We realised that as experts in our field we should push companies to understand the crucial role that the media will play in helping develop community awareness, outside of our circle.

DroneTalks grew out of our PR activities naturally, as a platform to broadcast and raise awareness about leading drone initiatives and bring to light the industry professionals making them happen. What are their motivations? How do they make their business decisions?

We set up DroneTalks to educate and inform the entire drone ecosystem by talking to C-level leaders about the latest news, regulatory issues, technical achievements, and trends. We are focused on helping the drone ecosystem grow and stakeholders understand what various organisations and companies throughout the industry are doing.

As we do this, we want to tackle the issue of social acceptance. We think it is important to show that drone technology is something that is happening today, right now, not just something of the future. We want to highlight all the fantastic, often lifesaving, drone operations to de-mystify them and move away from the negative perception reflected in the media.

Thank you for your interest in DroneTalks.

If you would like to get in touch with me please feel free to email me (eszter.kovacs@manageld.com), your feedback is very welcomed.

Are you doing something amazing in the industry? Tell me about it! info@dronetalks.online

Eszter Kovacs

CEO & Founder, DroneTalks

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