DroneTalks CEO Eszter Kovács and co-founder Lorenzo Murzilli are proud to announce Aerial Cities 2023, which will happen from 8th-9th of November 2023 in Bern, Switzerland. The second edition of Aerial Cities is building on the success of the first that took place in 2022, with over 130 stakeholders (both government and commercial) participating. 

About Aerial Cities

Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) and drone organisations in the industry are scaling up operations and expanding to urban environments. While cities struggle to understand the impact these innovative aerial technologies could have, drone organisations are also failing to communicate with governments and regulators about the infrastructure and frameworks needed for airborne operations at scale.

The goal of Aerial Cities is to create cross-functional collaborations and share information about the needs and capabilities of other industries. The ability to speak in person about these topics enables all stakeholders to connect about existing infrastructure and how this can be adapted for the widescale use of drones in the future. 

Aerial Cities aims to promote conversations between

✓ AAM and drone decision-makers

✓ CAAs

✓ City and government officials

✓ Drone service users 

By connecting these stakeholders during the event, we’re able to foster an environment where everyone can begin to understand each other’s capabilities and move toward the future of aerial cities. 

Who will be at Aerial Cities 2023?

Because Aerial Cities is designed to connect European urban government officials and city planners with executives from the drone and advanced aviation industries alongside drone service users, we’ve made sure that our event is VIP-only. That means important decision-makers from the entire industry will be there during the 2-day event, where we can focus on bridging the gap between all stakeholders.

Last year, we were able to facilitate important conversations between industry stakeholders to empower and promote the mutual understanding and collaborative mindset needed to work towards creating the aerial cities of the future. 

Tickets will not be on sale for the event, but if you feel like we’ve missed you or your organisation, feel free to submit an application to attend or sponsor the event or email our sales manager Katherine Dow for any questions.

Introducing the advisory board for Aerial Cities 2023

The Aerial Cities 2023 advisory board will be responsible for curating the panel discussion topics and the exclusive invitation list for the guests. The board has been chosen to represent both government, city and private industry stakeholders. 

The advisory board members are as follows:

  • Bobby Healy, CEO of Manna Drone Delivery
  • Vassilis Agouridas, Leader of the UIC2, UAM Initiative Cities Community within the EU's CIVITAS
  • Lorenzo Murzilli, CEO and Founder of Murzilli Consulting
  • Eszter Kovács, CEO of DroneTalks
  • Dr Christoph Selig, CCO and Co-Founder of Unisphere
  • Juliana Kiraly, Head of Business Development (Europe) at Eve Urban Air Mobility
  • Gabrielle Wain, Vice President of Global Policy and Government Affairs at Iris Automation
  • Idan Shimon, Co-Founder and CEO of Wonder Robotics
  • Justin Steinke, SVP of Commercial Business at Spright
  • Marcel Kägi, Director of Aviation Policy and Strategy Division at the Federal Office of Civil Aviation Switzerland
  • Enda Walsh, UAS Manager at the Irish Aviation Authority
  • Peter Kistler, the Senior Project Manager of Foreign Investment at the Bern Economic Development Agency
  • Matthias Gronstedt, the Managing Director of HHLA Sky GmbH

The success of Aerial Cities 2022

Aerial Cities 2022 was a huge success with over 130 industry leaders from around the world coming together to speak about the future of drones in urban environments. Some of the speakers included major investors, CAA decision-makers, government officials and C-level executives from major drone organisations. 

Average ratings


“Really enjoyed the event, variety of topics, multiple networking opportunities, top level professionals. Good work!”

“Great event, a fantastic combination of quality networking, good food, and drinks!”

“It was an honor and a privilege to be able to take part!! The atmosphere, the people, the opportunities to speak directly with "the right" people were really great, and made for making new, interesting contacts.” 

Are you a decision-maker?

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