Drone standards are important, but how much do you know about:

How standards are made?

Who creates and approves them?

What standardization projects are currently brewing regarding unmanned aviation?,

Which ones do we still need to launch, and how could they relate to your operation?

At DroneTalks we want to help to answer these questions, which is why we have launched a new series, hosted by Lorenzo Murzilli, co-founder of DroneTalks, exploring the world of standards; looking into the projects, the processes, key players, timelines, and organizations working to achieve international industry harmonization.

The new standards series will introduce key standardization bodies and activities regarding unmanned aviation, and reveal the initiatives being developed by professional working groups and committees, so you understand how the work is carried out, what projects are underway and what they are looking to achieve.

The first episode of the series sees Lorenzo unravelling the key focus areas that he as a host will delve into, starting with the importance of standardization in the industry, which comes down to enabling an “open competitive market with portable products, both for the manufacturers and the operators.

Standards ensure the interoperability and portability of products”, says Lorenzo.

But in a world where there is no shortage of standards, given that we need standards for almost everything in aviation and  in the drone ecosystem, from the design of the drone itself to the design of the supporting components to the elaboration of UTM and so on, Lorenzo explains, “the desirable outcome is collaboration and coordination between all the different standard developing organizations (SDOs) with as little duplication as possible to minimize the waste of work”.

Did you know that standards are mostly created by volunteers? The time of these volunteers is provided pro-bono by the companies they work for, Lorenzo is in fact one of these volunteers dedicating his time to creating industry product standards and working towards achieving the recognition of the standard by the regulator.

Lorenzo explains that for a standard to become a reality the regulator must approve, recognize, and ultimately make a reference to the specific standard in the applicable regulation, so they are often involved in the creation process, and are the ultimate gatekeepers or facilitators.

Hosted by Lorenzo Murzilli, Co-founder of Dronetalks and founder & CEO of Murzilli Consulting, a digital consulting agency focused on aviation.

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Watch the first episode of the series now.

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