Amsterdam Drone Week (ADW) is one of the most significant drone conferences in Europe. It includes presentations; workshops and conferences such as the EASA High Level Conference on drones and Advanced Air Mobility; networking areas; an area for drone in-flight presentations and an exhibition hall.

ADW 2022 was held on March 29 to March 31st. It was the first one since 2018 to be held as a hybrid Physical/ Online participation.

The purpose of this short blog post series is to briefly present several drones and related systems that were exposed in the exhibition hall of the Amsterdam Drone Week or whose manufacturers were present at ADW 2022.

Our upcoming blog posts are organised as follows:

  • U-space and UTM
  • Drones for good
  • Drone manufacturers
  • Drone manufacturers (Continued)
  • Universities

Drones and systems are presented in the alphabetical order of their manufacturer. Data sources are brochures and/or websites from the manufacturers.

U-space/UTM and related matters


Airwayz is an Israeli company that provides Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based dynamic UTM/ U-space services. It follows EASA regulations. It is controlling the U-space under the Israeli National Drone Initiative  (INDI) program which was a pilot demonstration involving more than 12000 flights (as of today) averaging 2500 flights per two-week period and managing 10 Air Operator Certificates in the same airspace.

ENAV Group – Innovating the sky

ENAV is the Italian Air Navigation Service Provider and is also providing-space services. 3 companies within the group are of particular interest

  • D-Flight : it is a public-private company created by ENAV with Leonardo (Aerospace, defence and security) and Telespazio (Satellite solutions) dedicated to the development and deployment of U-space in Italy
  • Techno Sky :Techno Sky is the ENAV Group company responsible for managing and maintaining the entire range of hardware/software platforms and systems used to deliver air navigation services. It has developed a drone for inspection of navigation aids, airports and industrial infrastructure inspection. Their drone is approved by the Italian CAA (ENAC) as an alternative to Ground Check vehicle. Their brochure indicates that it is equipped with systems and sensors that make the drone compliant with Regulation EU 2019/947 (operation of drones) and ICAO Annex 10 Doc 8071 (Manual on testing of radio navigation Aids that includes a new paragraph on RPAS/UAS)

More information at:

Tomkov Group

The Tomkov Group is specialised  in UAS technologies and has been created in 2020 to continue the development activities of the, LTA Design, DRONpol and Nextron brands.

Two of the group companies were present at the exhibition:

  • LTA Design that is manufacturing sensors for air quality tests and has developed a software that creates 3D maps of cities to measure air pollution with the help of artificial intelligence
  • Dron Pol that creates professional Monitoring and Training Centers using drones and training sensors

More information at


UpVision is a drone operator, a Counter UAS systems manufacturer and a U-space solution provider based in the Czech Republic.

Its operations include drone deliveries, BVLOS inspections, mapping and monitoring, consulting and research (active participant in SESAR , European Space Agency (ESA) and European Union Space Program Agency (EUSPA)).

They provide UTM services since 2018 in the Cech Republic


KPN (a Dutch Telecommunication Company) plans to provide by the end of the year a route planner service for BVLOS operations to drone operators using its 5G mobile network. This will be done in cooperation with TEOCO using the latter AirborneRF solution. This solution allows to define routes that “satisfy the minimum requirements for establishing and maintaining network remote IDs, command and control connectivity, and enough payload for pictures and/or video transmissions or other devices requiring connectivity

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