In today's fast-paced and competitive business landscape, companies must go above and beyond to attract top talent and create a workplace people are interested in joining. One important aspect of achieving this is through employer branding. 

At its core, employer branding is the process of building and maintaining a positive reputation, showcasing the company's culture and values and, ultimately, making the organisation an attractive place for potential professionals to work. In the young and rapidly growing drone industry, where innovative start-ups and enterprise organisations are thriving compared to their tech counterparts, having strong employer branding can be the deciding factor in securing the best candidates to drive a company's growth. 

In this article, we will explore the importance of employer branding and how DroneTalks Jobs can help you develop a strong employer brand to attract top talent and boost your business’s recruiting efforts.

What is employer branding, and why do drone companies need it?

Having a positive name in any industry attracts new candidates to a company and makes the current employees happy about where they work. In other words, to motivate internal employees and attract potential employees, organisations will need to start building a positive reputation through branding and maintain it over time, which is easier said than done. 

Creating a good brand is not only necessary for standing out in a highly competitive market job where there are only a limited number of drone industry professionals, but it also is an incentive for new employees to be a member of a team they are proud of or join a new industry. According to a recent survey by Glassdoor, 69 percent of employees believe that it’s crucial for them to be team members of a company with a respectable brand. 

In an industry where all organisations want to present themselves as unique and innovative, it’s not enough for organisations to depend solely on the quality of the products or services they offer but also to build and maintain a strong reputation around them and generate consistent customer expectations. Smart employers are also aware of the challenges of staying on top of the competition. This means standing out takes more than just focusing on state-of-the-art technologies or recruiting trends that will be dropped after a few months. 

Let’s say a potential candidate is applying for an operations management role; what encourages them to join your team is not only how excellent the products or services are. But also, what’s in it for them if they decide to join your team? That includes team benefits, competitive salaries, company culture and the reputation they have by working at a specific organisation. There’s a reason why people on LinkedIn continue to list “ex-Apple” or “ex-Google” on their accounts. Although regardless of how good an organisation is in their particular industry, it’s even more important to focus on what kind of values they stand for.

Creating company values and which drone companies are doing it right

Creating a strong set of company values is crucial for organisations seeking long-term success and employee satisfaction. These values serve as guiding principles, shaping the company culture and providing a framework for decision-making. Well-defined values help to attract and retain top talent, as employees are more likely to be engaged and committed when they feel aligned with the organisation's core beliefs. In the drone industry, where rapid innovation and technological advancements are the norm, having a clear set of values becomes even more essential to maintaining a cohesive team and achieving the company's goals.

Several drone companies have recognised the importance of establishing and promoting strong company values. One example is DJI, a global leader in drone technology. DJI's values emphasise innovation, collaboration and the pursuit of excellence. These principles have guided the company's growth and allowed it to create products that have had a major impact on the drone industry. Similarly, Skydio, an autonomous drone manufacturer, has committed to values centred around creativity, adaptability and customer focus, enabling them to develop solutions and foster a dynamic work environment. These companies demonstrate that a commitment to company values can drive success and create a thriving culture.

To develop meaningful company values in the drone industry, organisations must first engage in introspection and evaluate their mission and vision. This process involves identifying the principles that are essential to achieving the company's objectives and maintaining its competitive edge. 

Once these core values have been established, it is crucial to communicate them clearly and consistently to employees and potential candidates. This may involve incorporating values into the hiring process, onboarding and ongoing employee development initiatives. Moreover, leadership must embody these values and ensure that they are integrated into the company's daily operations and decision-making processes. 

Does employer branding really matter?

The short answer is yes! It’s not just enough to offer a competitive salary. Organisations need to account for other factors that candidates keep in mind when reading a job advertisement. In a large poll conducted by Glassdoor in 2019, they found that 77% of participants would consider a company's culture before deciding to work there. A positive workplace culture was also more important for job happiness than a competitive salary for 56% of applicants.

Companies must therefore give top priority to creating a strong, diverse culture that is consistent with their values and goals to attract new and talented professionals. Such initiatives have also been shown to significantly boost employee engagement, productivity and happiness.

With so many innovative start-ups and enterprises in the drone sector, it can be even more challenging for organisations to establish themselves as top employers and attract the best candidates to help a company's growth.

How to find talented professionals in the drone industry for your team?

Finding talented drone professionals in the industry is difficult, especially in highly technical or specialised sectors, where it might get harder over time. To attract professionals to your organisation in this hypercompetitive job market, an organisation needs to do more than just generate great in-house innovation and attend a few events. Most professionals outside of an organisation’s network will never know about these initiatives unless proper employer branding starts to take off.

Employer branding is also beneficial for applicants who are looking for a job and can also help organisations filter the candidates based on a company’s culture. Having a team whose members are compatible also maximises productivity. It means that if your employees work in an environment where they know their principles align with those at the top, they experience less stress from work-related conflicts and can contribute to better outcomes through teamwork. In other words, having a harmonious team is a huge advantage for both employers and employees.

The secret to making your company attractive to talented professionals

Recruitment methods matter when hiring the right talented professionals for job vacancies. If a company wants to have a good reputation during their recruiting efforts, they need a branding strategy that is well-defined and in line with the goals they’ve set out to accomplish. 

If an organisation doesn't have a plan for what kind of image they want to present to the world, reaching the recruitment image’s goals will be challenging. The success of employer branding depends on regular check-ins and continuing controls. 

It’s time to consider what other drone companies are doing to increase their brand awareness and go beyond that. DroneTalks Group has created the only job platform for the drone industry, which is an excellent place to begin employer branding efforts as talented professionals begin looking for drone-specific places to find their next career.

DroneTalks Jobs can also help you make informed decisions so that you can assess the effectiveness of your recruiting strategies and check how significantly your visibility in the industry has changed. In the end, it’s better to have 10 qualified candidates for your open position than 200 who are rapidly applying to whatever somewhat fits on LinkedIn. 

Secure your employer branding efforts with DroneTalks Jobs

By securing your branding strategy and efforts, an organisation will be able to make a statement about what its business stands for and the great things they’re doing. Organisations won’t be able to do this on their own without talented team members to support them, which is why hiring the right people should be the top priority of any industry leader. 

The new job portal, DroneTalks Jobs, gives drone organisations the opportunity to advertise open positions as well as market their companies as desirable places to work. Organisations can select from a variety of packages to meet their branding strategy and needs. That includes blog posts, videos, social media posts and other types of messages that can help you connect with a large audience on the various channels.

Feel free to visit DroneTalks Jobs if you are a drone firm trying to hire the best people. Pick one of the three possibilities to join the incredible DroneTalks Jobs family!

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