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Where do we stand regarding diversity in drones, and what are the female leaders' thoughts?

August 18, 2022

Diversity in the drone industry is critically important and something we're passionate about at DroneTalks. In 2021, our co-founder Eszter Kovacs created a webinar series Women Behind The Drone Revolution, to give a voice to talented and influential women leading the drone industry: The series started online during the pandemic and, based on its successes, in 2022, in collaboration with leading Drone Conferences became a live event series. The latest panel discussion was taking place at the ATM congress in Madrid, and in march 2022, DroneTalks also had a stage talk in Amsterdam Drone Week.

The series' main aim is to gather the most influential women in the drone industry, listening to their views on the ecosystem, and what drives them, as the business decisions they make are ultimately shaping the industry's successes. During the panel, we can also listen to the information they share about their career path, how they are getting things done, and most importantly, what remains to be achieved for drones to become part of our daily lives. We bring insights to our viewers that allow them to better understand this industry's complexity, but also what and how to take action to include more females in the company's everyday life.  

One of our main takeaways from the past talks is that women are more and more drawn to the drone industry. And it's not just because they think it's trendy. It's because they know the potential for this technology to change the way they operate tasks every day. In the drone ecosystem, women are not just pilots - they're engineers, CEOs, entrepreneurs, sales representatives, and much more.  

We believe diversity is key to innovation, and we're proud to be part of the push to make the drone industry more inclusive. There's an incredible amount of women in the drone industry right now. Here are some of the most impressive ones that will take part in our next stage talk on Women Behind The Drone Revolution:

·      Candice McHargue from UPS Flight Forward 

·      Okeoma Moronu from Zipline

·      Abigail Smith from FAA

·      Zehra Akbar from SkyGrid

Stay tuned for the next episode, which will be held at The Commercial UAV Expo in Las Vegas, Sept 6-8. You can watch it live on Linkedin.


Article by

Cedric Hobeika

Cedric is the Marketing Manager of DroneTalks and spent over 15 years building marketing strategies and partnerships internationally and locally. He produced and managed multiple podcast series, events, and campaigns focusing on drone technology and the ecosystem.

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