The advanced air mobility industry is on track to become an entirely new ecosystem within society that will shape a wave of unparalleled innovation during our lifetimes. It will change how we produce our food, how our blue light forces respond to emergencies and how hospitals receive life-saving materials. Still, the drone industry, although relatively young, is overwhelmingly male-dominated. 

Yet, we see courageous women breaking through the glass ceiling and taking on critical roles as leaders shaping this new industry. 

That’s why DroneTalks began hosting the event series “Women behind the Drone Revolution”, which features a series of talks with female leaders working to co-create the advanced air mobility industry. 

The event series aims to showcase examples of exceptional leadership and encourage young women to enter into an exciting yet sometimes intimidating industry. It also allows current leaders to learn how to hire more women and create more diverse work environments where everyone can succeed and feel welcome. Finally, this series also features some entertaining stories from the lives of women in leadership positions who share unique stories about what it feels like to work with drones. 

We’ll be re-airing a recording of this inspiring event during a LinkedIn event on Tuesday, the 28th of March, 2023, a week after the original panel at Amsterdam Drone Week

Our guests this year will be, 

  • Jenn Player, Senior Director of Regulatory Affairs at Skydio
  • Nina Dorfmayr, Manager Drone Competence Center at Austro Control
  • Diena Seeger, VP of Business Development at Spright
  • Eszter Kovács, co-founder and CEO of DroneTalks 

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