Drone Standards Series l Episode 2 l ASTM WK63418 - UTM USS interoperability standard

Jun 29., 2021

In episode 2 of the DroneTalks Drone Standards series, host and co-founder, Lorenzo Murzilli, and our guest Mike Glasgow, co-chair for the ASTM WK63418 working group that is developing the UTM USS Interoperability standard, explore the process of developing a new standard and discuss how to ensure strategically deconflicted operations. You will understand how strategic conflict detection actually works, particularly in a distributed system with a set of service providers sharing operational intents. Mike will also dig deep into the Discovery and Synchronization Service (DSS). There is no easier way to familiarize yourself with those challenging concepts than by listening to this short educational video.

Listen to thought-provoking questions from Lorenzo and straightforward answers by Mike Glasgow, Wing's UTM Architecture and Standards lead. Mike is also the former Chief System Architect for the FAA's Oceanic ATC System and Flight Services and has 35+ years of experience in the aerospace industry, working on air traffic control and related systems.

Hosted by Lorenzo Murzilli, Co-founder of Dronetalks and founder & CEO of Murzilli Consulting, a digital consulting agency focused on aviation.

For more information about the ASTM WK63418 working group activities, reach out to Mike at glasgowm@wing.com

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