DroneTalks | Daniel Garcia-Monteavaro | Head of Drone Business Development Department at ENAIRE

In this episode of the DroneTalks podcast our co-founder Eszter Kovacs has a talk with Daniel Garcia-Monteavaro at the latest World ATM congress in Madrid. Daniel is the Head of Drone Business Development Department at ENAIRE and he shares his views on drones U-space initiatives and also how a foreign company can operate drones on the Spanish territory. Digitalisation is also an important topic discussed, one of the main aim is to be connected to the Spanish national safety agency as well to handle registrations together. In addition, digitalisation will play an important role during the development of the U-space platform to be able to connect users real time. Daniel shares his vision on the evolution of the drone ecosystem and in particular drone taxis in the next years and how U-space will help these type of operations.

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