DroneTalks | Romeo Durscher | VP of Public Safety at Auterion

Nov 11., 2021

Tune in for a brand new on-site C-level conversation with Romeo Durscher, VP of Public Safety at Auterion. We discuss the Auterion ecosystem and how it is helping to automate and integrate different robotics systems on Sea, Air and Land. Romeo describes us real development scenarios where mission commanders are benefitting now from this integration to have perfect situational awareness of incident scenes. We deep dive into how drones are providing access to aerial imagery to thousands of police and fire departments and how governments and regulators can foster this technology with smart policies.

What more can the industry do to prove their use cases? What technological gaps still need to be filled? According to Romeo, it's all about data and connectivity and how arranging a proper pipeline can have a tremendous impact on real-life operations.

We also discuss the concept of open source and how its usage by Auterion is creating a de-facto standard for mission control centres of diverse drone platforms.

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