DroneTalks | Women Behind the Drone Revolution | Episode IV


Is the drone sector only for men? The answer is quite the opposite actually: women leaders continuously grow in number when it comes to investing, planning, directing and acting with drones!

Join our live session at Amsterdam Drone Week, where DroneTalks Co-Founder and CEO Eszter Kovacs is moderating an innovative, eye-opening and courageous talk with legendary female leaders of the drone industry. Anne Marie Haute, CEO of Pilgrim Technology, Paige Miller UAS Engineering Project Lead at UPS, Marta Cejuela, Safety Manager and the Head of Airworthiness at FlyingBasket, and Marta Tojal Castro, R&D consultant at NLR are sharing their experiences, insights and ideas for the future of the drone industry that is led by female leaders.

How to foster innovation in the drone industry? What is the impact of a female leader in the drone ecosystem for new generations? How to follow the recent progress in drone technology and the upcoming regulations with respect to the operation of drones overall?

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About the host

Eszter Kovacs

Eszter is the CEO and founder of Manageld and founder of DroneTalks.online and is a well-known drone influencer.
An expert in technical innovation in the drone sector, Eszter has contributed to the growth of several companies, leading complex implementations and mentoring and advising leaders on strategic planning and operational transformation. In 2020 Eszter successfully lead the Global UTM association with 40 + UTM ecosystem leaders through it's restructuring for 6 months.
From 2016 - 2019, Eszter successfully lead the GSMA Drone Interest Group, growing it from 10 mobile operator members to nearly 40 finding solutions to leverage cellular connectivity in the aviation environment. Following 10+ years of professional background, complemented by certificates in Agile coaching, Prince2 and a broad professional network, launching her own businesses seemed inevitable.
Eszter holds a BA in Military & Safety Engineering from the Hungarian National University of Public Services and is currently attending Boston University’s digital leadership studies. She was born in Hungary and, having travelled extensively, now resides in Bern, Switzerland.
Eszter is an expert writer in multiple drone focused online magazines such as Commercial UAV news.

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