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Behind the Scenes of the ASTM UTM USS Interoperability Standard

July 13, 2021

Episode 2 of the DroneTalks Drone Standards Series is out! In this episode, host Lorenzo Murzilli and Mike Glasgow, co-chair for the ASTM WK63418 working group in charge of the UTM USS Interoperability standard, dig deep into concepts such as strategic conflict detection, DSS, operational authorization, and performance-based buffering.

Former Chief System Architect for the FAA's Oceanic air traffic control system and their flight services system, Mike Glasgow, has 35+ years of experience in the aerospace industry. He has worked on air traffic control and related systems, and he is currently with Wing on UAS, UTM, industry standards (ASTM), and architecture.

In this episode, Lorenzo and Mike explore the strategic conflict detection aspect of the ASTM UTM USS interoperability standard.

When you can strategically plan for UAS operations to be deconflicted, the probability of airborne conflicts is significantly reduced, thus easing requirements for Detect & Avoid solutions.

In this episode of the series we answer these seven key questions:

1. What are the key terms used in the standard and how do they relate to the various international efforts on UTM?

2. How does ASTM create a truly international standard?

3. What is strategic conflict detection and how is it achieved?

4. What is the difference between strategic conflict detection and strategic deconfliction?

5. What are the similarities between the proposed approach and traditional aviation?

6. How performance-based buffering works, and why it should be the standard approach to UAS operations?

7. How does Discovery and Synchronization Service (DSS) work, and how does it deliver safe and reliable operations?

Furthermore, Lorenzo proposes thought-provoking questions to address some industry known facts, such as:
• What about the "single source of truth?"
• How can this standard adapt to extremely dynamic airspace?
• How about conformance monitoring?

Join Lorenzo and Mike for a fascinating conversation and take an expertly guided tour through the new UTM USS interoperability standard.

Hosted by Lorenzo Murzilli, Co-founder of Dronetalks and founder & CEO of Murzilli Consulting, a digital consulting agency focused on aviation.

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Eszter Kovács

Eszter is the CEO and founder of Manageld and founder of DroneTalks.online and is a well-known drone influencer.
An expert in technical innovation in the drone sector, Eszter has contributed to the growth of several companies, leading complex implementations and mentoring and advising leaders on strategic planning and operational transformation. In 2020 Eszter successfully lead the Global UTM association with 40 + UTM ecosystem leaders through it's restructuring for 6 months.
From 2016 - 2019, Eszter successfully lead the GSMA Drone Interest Group, growing it from 10 mobile operator members to nearly 40 finding solutions to leverage cellular connectivity in the aviation environment. Following 10+ years of professional background, complemented by certificates in Agile coaching, Prince2 and a broad professional network, launching her own businesses seemed inevitable.
Eszter holds a BA in Military & Safety Engineering from the Hungarian National University of Public Services and is currently attending Boston University’s digital leadership studies. She was born in Hungary and, having travelled extensively, now resides in Bern, Switzerland.
Eszter is an expert writer in multiple drone focused online magazines such as Commercial UAV news.

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