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The ASTM UTM USS Interoperability Standard: Part II


In episode 3 of the DroneTalks Drone Standards series, host and co-founder, Lorenzo Murzilli, and guest Mike Glasgow, co-chair for the ASTM WK63418 working group, continue to explore and define the other services and rules defined within the UTM USS Interoperability standard, all of them crucial to achieving a target level of safety for UAS'.

Learn what strategic coordination is, and how conflict detection fits in within it, and understand the concepts of aggregate operational intent, conformance monitoring, conformance monitoring for situational awareness, and constraint processing.

Check out Part I of this series, or explore our short videos defining operational intents and the astm interoperability paradigm.

For more drone standards content, check out our masterclass on the ASTM UTM USS Interoperability Paradigm: https://bit.ly/3wCObTQ.

For more information about the ASTM WK63418 working group activities, reach out to Mike at glasgowm@wing.com.

Hosted by Lorenzo Murzilli, Co-founder of DroneTalks and founder & CEO of Murzilli Consulting, a digital consulting agency focused on aviation.

DroneTalks Group is a collection of services and platforms dedicated to uplifting the drone ecosystem. That includes our main educational platform DroneTalks as well as specialised trainings for drone industry professionals, the event Aerial Cities for industry stakeholders (both private and government) and the job portal DroneTalks Jobs for professionals.

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Our partners at Murzilli Consulting also offer an outsourced strategic regulatory department for drone organisations as well, for more in-depth guidance.

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